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We are looking for people to create murals for two rooms in a communal workspace which will open in Kuopio in September.

The competition is open to everyone interested in making wall art. You are free to choose the subject and style, but here are some keywords that can be useful for you: community, joy in work, enthusiasm, change, opportunity, color and light, inspiration, synergy.

You are free to decide whether to paint just one wall or more. You can see the pictures of the rooms below. Note that the walls look curved due to panoramic images, even though they are straight in real life.

Room 1 (16.5 m²)
Room 2 (18.5 m²)

The selected winners will be paid a fee of 500 euros. The fees are paid in cooperation with RSP Brewing and Record Coffee Company. Paints are provided by RTV and Tikkurila. The paints are basic renovation paints.

If the artist / group (1-3 people) needs to travel to Kuopio and stay there while working, we will provide you with the accommodation and travel fees (within Finland).

The participation period is 20.7. – 8.8.2021. We will personally notify the selected authors by August 10, 2021.

The implementation will happen in weeks 33-34. The work itself must be done within five days. A more specific timeline will be agreed on later date.

Instructions for participation

Participate in the competition before or on August 8, 2021. Send your application to the email address Please use ”Participation in the mural competition” as the subject of your message. If you are not able to send the sketches in email, call 0447753011 (Emma) and we’ll find an alternative way!

Please include these in the application:

  • The title of the work
  • Names of the participants
  • Contact information (if a team, one contact person is sufficient)
    • Phone
    • E-mail
    • Address
  • Additional information (optional): website / electronic portfolio / references

The attachments:

  1. Draft proposal(s), preferably in PDF, JPEG or PNG formats
  2. List of materials and tools needed to carry out the work (paints being renovation paints)