Have a celebrations, parties, events or functions on Friday nights and weekends at Ofisio! Spend unforgettable birthdays, graduations, Pre-Christmas parties or doctoral dissertation celebrations – near the center of Kuopio, in the beautiful surroundings of Väinölänniemi! The space can accommodate up to 30 people or even 50 if celebrating happens mainly standing and dancing.

Pricing from 299 € (incl. VAT) / Fri 18-24 (00) or Sun 10-18 (21)

Pricing from 499 € (sis. alv) / la klo 10-24

+ cleaning on a time basis 40 € / h (incl. VAT)

You can bring your own food and drinks, order a catering service or ask us for help with arrangements What kind of party would you like to organize? Do you order a catering service or pizzas for the group? Or maybe you wish to bake and make the food yourself.

Contact us, come and see the place and plan your own party the way you want it! hello@ofisio.fi and 044 775 3013